These sessions will be set up to highlight an instructional tool that you can use to enhance your already amazing lessons!!



1) To give teachers interested in learning new tools, the time and support they need to incorporate them into their learning environment.
2) To share ideas and tools in a collaborative manner.

Couldn't Make it This Week? No Problem. Check back here to see which tools we discovered.


Tag Galaxy:
Peru.PNGType in the topic you would like to search. I am searching for "Peru".
glaxey.PNGTag Galaxy suggests other tags that you may want to use to make your search more specific. By clicking one of the other suggestions you will combine your first search with the new search.
inca.PNGI searched for Peru and Inca together. Now that I am happy with my search I click on the "planet" I would like to view.
images.PNGOnce I have clicked the planet the program compiles a globe of images about the search from Flickr.
peru_last.PNGYou can move the globe to view the images on the front, back, top and bottom.
picture.PNGIndividual images can be viewed by clicking on them to enlarge them.


Live binders are a great online resource that can be used for organizing your online resources. Live binders can be shared easily with others by e-mailing the URL address or by embedding on a blog, wiki or website. Take the time to search through others binders as they contain a wealth of knowledge.

Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog

Google Maps:

Voicethread: voicethread.PNG

The digital citizenship posters highlighted in this prezi were created by Danielle Spencer.