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GoAnimate.com: Newton's Laws by JenniferFee

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No limit on how many videos one can produce.
There is an educational value to this software if used correctly.
Requires basic computer knowledge, patience, and imagination.
Points are awarded for popular videos.
Students can rate and give feedback on videos.
Users can create their own characters with GoAnimate
Actions allow for matching of content with emotion within the program


Characters can fight, kiss, flirt, drink beer and other cocktails
Profanity is not allowed but one can get away with it by using symbols for letters (i.e., @ss)
Promotes consumerism by using well-known characters
Users are enticed to buy GoBucks which you use to gain access to the “premium features” of GoAnimate
Users cannot download GoAnimate animations to a desktop or disk
No downloadable version available, purely an online tool.
Must have email address to register- in regards to elementary students



  • Free to use; Pro version is free for educators
  • Large number of identities can be created for each account (great for class accounts)
  • The ability to zoom in on pictures and move navigate each one.
  • Comments can be made so global learning can take place outside the classroom.
  • Nothing is more true than "A picture is worth a thousand words."
  • May be edited for content focal points
  • Moderation is available for comments
  • User friendly - the creators of VoiceThread have developed quick videos, examples and ideas for usage
  • In the absence of a microphone, a phone can be used to record voice comments. This enables students to quickly and easily contribute from home.


  • Account is shared by all the identities using it.
  • Volume seemed low or none at all on several examples I visited.
  • Be careful with identity information.(parental approval needed sometimes)
  • Setting up classroom identities takes a bit of time
  • Free account has very limited space and number of threads you can create


Holocaust video

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