60 Second Recap


60 Second Recap has video summaries of classic High school novels. There are chapter video summaries that could assist any reader in understanding the content. Use the videos to help assist you with differentiation in your high school classroom. If the videos do not appear it is because the system is at the bandwidth limit (frustrating...we know) check back at a later time.

Khan Academy


Khan Academy has more then 1800 Math and Science videos. You can easily download any of the videos using keepvid.com.

2. Today's Meet


TodaysMeet is a free chat service that can be used for holding a discussion with students. It is completely free and easy to use. Simply name your chat area. What makes this different then other services of this type is that TodaysMeet doesn't have a public gallery of chat rooms containing questionable content. It also doesn't have inappropriate advertising on the chat area. TodaysMeet can be used when watching films in the classroom. Allowing students to ask questions and post comments while watching the film. They could also use it during a lecture or presentation as a place to record their questions for discussion.

Chemical Ed



Chemical Ed is a large collection of resources for teaching and learning chemistry. It contains tutorials for students, 3D models, lesson plans

and more.




Goofram is a mash-up of Google Search and Wolfram Alpha. Enter your search into Goofram and it will display relevant results drawn from google and Wolfram Alpha.



Knotebooks is a servise that allows users to create, customize, and share lessons composed of videos, images and texts from all over the internet. The user can choose easier versions of text to make the concept easier to understand or they could choose the more difficult version for more information. They could also select videos on a topic if they learn better visually.

Google Maps


View Where I Have Lived in a larger map
Maps are always useful in Social Studies but they can also be used for story telling. Try having your students write the biography of a famous person by plotting points on a map and adding text, images and videos about that person to each placemark.

Snag Learning


Watch more free documentaries
A great resource for teachers who would like to use high quality documentaries in their classroom. Snag learning has discussions questions that go along with the films. Consider using Todaysmeet with those questions as discussion during the film.

Week In Rap


Week in Rap is a great site that reviews the news headlines from the week. It has a bit of an American bent but a great way to review some world news and get discussion going in your class.



Blabberize is a fun tool. It allows the user to turn a still photo into a talking photo. You simply mark where the mouth is on a photo and record the voice to go with the photo.