iPOD Apps worth looking at

Math Apps
Alien Equation (higher level equation creation game)
Math Pad 4 (word problems)
Sudoku 4 Kids (uses numbers 1 to 4 on smaller board)
iChoose (rolling dice, rock/paper/scissors – use for probability)
TanZen Lite (tangrams with soothing music)
ZentominoLE (fit puzzle pieces together, soothing music)
Math Drills Lite (practice basic facts, includes visuals)
Dot to Dot Number Whiz Lite (numeral recognition, fine motor)

Utility Apps
SpeakEasy Voice Recorder (record student podcasts, reading samples)
ITime free (visual timer)
Speller (spell checker with word recognition capability, linked to dictionary)
FreeSaurus (thesaurus, linked to dictionary)
Dragon Dictation (converts voice to text)

Creativity Apps
Doodle Kids (create own pictures on blank screen using basic shapes)
PegLIght (light bright goes digital)
Colour It Lite (Colouring Book – good for fine motor)
Glow Draw (use finger to draw or write neon)

Literacy Apps
Read Me Stories (rhyming texts, turnable pages, reads to student)
Kindle (download books in text version, first chapters free trial)
StoryKit (create own story with text and drawings, e-mail to print/publish)
Tales2go (stream large collection of audio books by age, genre)
Mad Libs (from the old days)
Silly Lite (just like mad libs, good for creative writing time)
Word Warp (think "Making Words" on ipod)
Worder (Making Words, choose # of letters, levels)
Word Magic (beginning, middle and ending sounds practice)
ABC Ladybug (fine motor, alphabet recognition)
ABC Maze LE (alphabet recognition, spatial planning)
WordSearch (by categories)
I Write Words lite (trace letters to simple words, playback feature)

Science / Social Apps
Animal Puzzle Lite (solve puzzles of animal photos, fact sheet included)
Geared Free
Video Science

Simon Says (working memory)
Shape Builder (shape puzzles transform into objects)
Touch 4 (Connect 4)
Rush Hour (just like the board game)
CrackCode a list of educational apps.

Free Audio Books to Download
Robert Munsch (download favourite stories read by Robert Munsch, free)
The Story Home

Podcast Site:

Technology Podcasts
Gary Stager - How to podcasting
Podcasting in Education

I attempted to upload my "Using iPods in the classroom" presentation but was unable to upload a SMART notebook file. If you would like a copy of this contact me. Scroll down to #21 - Podcasting from iPod to learn how to without use of computer

Sample iPod lesson plan

Discovering Chemestry Podcast Menu
Grade 5
Carmen Slemp, Kim Wedman, Amanda Ernest
(adapted from Bobbi Hunter – Samual W. Shaw- grade 6 lesson)

You will use this menu to explore and respond to some of the “Discovering Chemestry” podcasts on the IPods. You need to follow the courses in order: First the appetizer and then the main course. Read the instructions carefully for each section and complete the responses according to your teacher’s directions.

The Big Question:

“What can we learn about matter?”

Appetizer (Every one must do)
q Mr. McMahon's Math, Science, and Literacy Podcasts - States of Matter

Main Course (choose 3 of the following)

q Amazing Action Science - Soda Fountain
q Dr. Carlson's Science Theater - States of Matter Episode 30
q Dr. Carlson's Science Theater - Freezing by Boiling Episode 6
q Dr. Carlson's Science Theater - Density Episode 12
q Mr. Wood's Science Podcast - Solids, Liquids, & Gases

RESPOND: Write a list of 5-7 “I wonder” statements or questions you have after viewing these podcasts. Use these prompts to guide you:

· I wonder if…
· I wonder who…
· I wonder what…
· I wonder when…
· I wonder where…
· I wonder why…
· I wonder how…

Remember to use the iPODS carefull

RESPOND: You will respond to these questions in your Science notebook. When you have finished writing 5-7 "I wonder" statements or questions, you will take turns with your partner videotaping your responses on the iPod.
It would be powerful to offer choices of how to share / publish learning here ie. "Choose a method you feel will best show your learning: science notebook, podcast (audio or video/audio), create virtual flip book (StoryKit), comic life, etc." Then you could have the kids move around the classroom and respond to each other's question in the media type they had chosen. Very "personalized" and interactive as seems to be the catch phrase as of late;).

RESPOND: Choose one thing that you learned and create a product to explain what you learned to the class. You may work on your own or with a partner. Your teacher will tell you how much time you have to work on this so you can plan your time effectively. Here is a list of possible products:

· Video
· Skit
· Poster
· Glogster
· Prezi or Powerpoint Presentation
· Photostory
· Movie Maker
· _
· _

Using the Video Recorder
- Students can record themselves demonstrating one of their objectives
- I can make an ABAB pattern-Demonstrate using actions such as (stomp, clap, stomp, clap)
- Students can record puppet shows or a dramatization of a story

Using Voice Memo
-Students can practice for fluency of reading.
-Students can answer questions about a topic.
-Students can interview a friend.

Websites: examples of iPod use in other's classrooms.
Love the math minute! I would like to try making this kindergarten friendly by having a pair of students choose the most important concept (from their view) of the day, record and publish to a class wiki or for CBE our class D2L sites. Another amazing ezine by iLearn Technoogy. This lady is seriously amazing. Lesson ideas and resources.
I find this is valuable to keep bookmarked because as I progress through different ideas with the IPOD I continually go back and need a refresher. this idea fist perfectly with grade one social studies outcomes a great resource forwarded to me by Kim Possible ;) the super coach. Alot of great stuff on it.
You are sweet Slempie:)
Grade 4 teacher's reading/writing reflections based on one year implementation.
Librarian shares her journey with adding IPODs to library resources for sign out.

If you are interested in e-books, I am working on an Assistive Technology Team as we explore different sites with e-text that might be compable with tools such as Read, Write, Gold. I have started to compile a page of e-text sites (some free, some not) Check it out: go to links, OUR PLT and the e-books!
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